“Life is simple.”

Yeah right!

Well, in essence and from some perspective, life really is simple, if we remove everything else from it. I think it gives a great sense of ease if we manage to understand the rythm of life and develop the wisdom to know when we ought to fight and when we ought to relax. The knowledge of what is in our control and what isn’t. 

Although it is easier said than done, I believe that as humans, we are often very hard on ourselves. Perhaps emotions which arise, our sense of peace and our faith can provide us with more guidance than we realise. Above all, if we understand that we can only sail through life with what is at our disposal, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, at any moment in time, we will be a bit more flexible with life.

When emotions do arise in us, very often, our first reaction is to either deny them, justify them or blame ourselves for these emotions. But in reality, there is great freedom in accepting them as they come.

If we feel sad or angry for some reason, I have noticed that firstly accepting it for a moment calms the mind down. The quietude which then dawns upon us after two years, just kidding, after a couple of hours, gives rise to an insight as to why we feel this way. Most of the time, we battle with life because we refuse to accept our circumstances, especially when it’s out of our control, even if we are facing consequences.

But truth be told, all events in our lives, no matter how small, how happy, how graceful, how big, how painful or how funny, are really moulding us towards our own growth. Now don’t get me wrong, just the circumstances themselves may not mould us, but how we react to them and which path we take, does.

For example, growth lies in whether we do learn something each day or whether we keep repeating the same mistakes. In all fairness, life is very gentle and have you noticed how it never talks to us? Talk about language problems! Life will keep bringing us the same lessons until we finally learn them and each time, the same emotions may rise  and we may become wise enough, over time, to detect them, accept them and act differently thereafter.

Bottom line is that there is nothing wrong with anything which life presents us, they are all little pieces of the puzzle of our soul. Our limited mind can barely grasp the bigger picture but one thing we can do is understanding ourselves.

As we are blessed to be in the grace of the Divine, He presents us with pieces of the puzzle one by one. From fixing our anger, to our pride, passing over the bridge of guilt, and helping us dodge the thorns of greed or jealousy to finally reach the river of bliss, by His side.

I am not sure why this post is so serious but if you want some real laughter please head over to today’s (4th April) discourse recording, Swami g’s spontaneous poem was epic:) As was everything else, every other time and always.