So smart, with our knowledge as impressive as it gets,

We narrate scriptures effortlessly,

Speaking the glories of the lord is not so hard,

Until I realise that I know nothing,


Tell me oh friend!

How do we know what we know?

The beautiful stories, those stutis, the divine hymns

Are they our discovery?

Who were we before those stories reached our ears?

Who were we before our minds grasped the mind-blowing legends?

Perhaps, just perhaps, 

We were the soul which danced with the hymn

The soul which found bliss in the reverberating sound of the mantras

Or perhaps,

We were the soul which recognised the pure love

The love our being is made of,


Before all of this,

Our conversations took place in silence alone,

Beyond the knowing of the mind, 

And within the dance of the soul.

So I ask again…

How do we know what we know?

And who knows what we know,

Only stillness can answer…

Happy MahaShivratri everyone💫❤

As Swami G says, MahaShivratri is all about self-love, and there’s no better day to start. Happy loving – yourself and everyone else!:)

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