The other day, as I was about to turn into a mini burrito, i.e. all wrapped up and ready for la la land, I realised something beautiful. It is human nature to give up on others and stop trying, stop being kind. As Swami said here

“Past the stories we tell and the facade we put up is the simple truth: we all live for ourselves alone. More or less.”

Upon contemplation, it doesn’t matter how many stories we tell ourselves, at the end of the day, we don’t really live for others and neither do others live for us. Whatever it is that we do in life, we derive a certain joy from it. And once we stop receiving a sense of fulfilment from those around us or things around us, we give up and move on, unless we are tied down. We basically weigh the pros and cons, before making any decision. All that said, this post is not only about us. In fact, it is about the Divine trait which many of us are witnessing.

Just as it is human nature to live for ourselves, I find it utterly amazing how Divine beings dedicate their entire lives to others. Let’s take Swami Himself for example, (because who else do we know?). I was quite in awe as I realised how His motto has always been to do more and more for us. 

Since He officially dedicated His life to humanity, He has been tirelessly working to help with our bliss. I know (or guess that) He doesn’t quite enjoy being the centre of attention and yes, I was hesitant to write this post. But then I realised that this weekend, the whole world celebrates compassion and we have amongst us compassion personified.

Although we may very well feel like little sinners from hell (wait, you don’t? Good job!), He has been incessantly trying to turn us into lesser sinners. Just kidding. I mean, into happier people. It’s a good thing that He doesn’t believe in the concept of sins, we can keep telling ourselves stories that we are saints.

As we know, He started off writing blogs, followed by amazing books and helping thousands of people with their problems, keeps going day and night, year after year, camp after camp and travelling the world only for the love of humanity. As time went by He tackled more and more topics, addressing every possible issue humans could be facing. Sometimes I wonder, how many more questions could we come up with, given the hundreds of videos provided by Swami, but of course the mind can have a million different versions of the same question, yet His patience never fades. And His love does not diminish, in fact it only increases over time, He came up with the wonderful and best meditation app out there. It melts my heart remembering how many hours He spent answering questions asked in the Swaminars.

When I think about His unearthly care, love and efforts, I know that us humans would have taken the next flight to nowhere by now. But lo and behold, He still keeps going. Swami compassionately opened His playground for us to write on. To let His spiritual children have fun, sinning away, I mean singing away, as He helps them reach their potential. 

And as we thought that’s about it, of course not! Our unearthly compassion incarnate, decided to hold zoom sessions and plans to patiently helps us all mould ourselves towards self-transformation. Does the persistence and perseverance that originates from Divine compassion ever end? Does His love have a beginning and an end? We all know the answer. 

To tell you the truth, if we don’t start taking our transformation seriously now, when will we? If not now, when? Now is the time. Our Swami’s perseverance shows unearthly compassion and the least we can do is to apply His guidance with utmost dedication. The amazing stuff, the hard stuff, the easy stuff and the jokes too. All of it:)

And guess what? Is there a better time to push ourselves towards our better self than on Sri Hari’s consecration weekend, which also happens to be on Easter this year?! Coincidence? No. God is one, I believe. I just realised this now.

As our deep gratitude towards Him, let’s celebrate compassion and increase our desire to change, as we make the most of the Divine Grace available to us.

Thanking the Lord, let’s eat chocolate, melt hearts and hug the bunny. Happy celebrations everyone!