If we look at life as it is, it truly is full of nothingness, yet it contains everything. Life in itself is a blissful flow and if we think about it for a short while, we do realise that the ultimate state to be in, is that of no thoughts. 

Our fluctuations of emotions and desires are probably the only constant in a normal life, until we realise that they fluctuate. The other day, it dawned upon me, that truly, there is no battle. This constant battle of thoughts, of rights or wrongs which take place in our minds, are just that, mindy battles. As scriptures and our Loving Father state, the ultimate state is that of thoughtlessness, then isn’t it justified to drop our thoughts and questions?

I think the biggest dilemma for many of us is to actually agree that this mind which takes up so much of our time, energy and life, doesn’t actually have to be given so much attention. When we operate from a clear mind, with no calculations, scheming, drama and scenarios, we do not become stupid. In fact we become a nobody and as Swami says, when you become a nobody, you can become anybody!

Then what happens, is that we speak and act from a constant state of flow. Laughter invades our life and our hearts are overwhelmed with love. We also end up having so much mind space, that the little things in life start to appear funny and fun.

When we do not invest our energy in overthinking or scheming, our empty minds become one with nothingness, and therefore with everything! We start seeing things as they are and we understand life’s humour!

When was the last time you stopped thinking and laughed your lungs out? When’s the last time you had so much fun that you wondered if this is even real? 

And why are you asking yourself what this post is about? Drop the question, because not everything in life has a meaning. The real joy is in flowing with life, just like water flows and carries nothing with it for very long. 

A worried drop of water is no fun! Even if it cries, nobody can see!;) So laugh away, clear this mind. Have the courage to dismiss your mind, detach from your thoughts and let go of your beliefs. Because believe me, everything is just a thought. Think about it. I mean, don’t! You know what I mean!

Let’s flow with life!:) And dance away about absolutely nothing!


And if you’re dying to become a mindless flowing drop, dive right into this transformative series. All glories to our beautiful Swami!:)

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