Can you give up?
Mind, you hold on tight
We call it strength
But doesn’t the strength lie in letting it go?
Our thoughts give us a sense of purpose
Isn’t strength in the silent purpose which gushes forth from within instead?

I dream and think I am happy
Yet isn’t my happiness in the beauty of my now?
Will the dream still exist when it comes to pass?
How will I enjoy a dream which is no more?

Oh mind, anything you can imagine is temporary
Can you give up your existence?
You think you know it all
But can love be known by thou? Tell me oh mind!

You feed on fear & doubt
The heart shudders, but
If you give up, faith triumphs
You rejoice in great ideas
But what about the love in your ideas
The why and the life of them?

Tell me oh mind, can you give up already?
How will you bloom if you refuse to be watered by the love of the heart?
How will faith grow if you always dry the soil?

What is there to hold on to, oh mind?
You think you are essential?
Where are you when we are in love, oh mind?
Where are you when we drown in laughter, oh mind?
Heart to hearts also happen without you oh mind!
Tell me Oh mind, aren’t you happy witnessing the heart flourish instead?

Can a thorn exist beautifully without a rose?
Can you exist beautifully without the heart?
Oh mind, don’t tell me
I know you give up!
For, your beauty is in your silence, just like the moon, the sun and the light.

P.S: No one has taken over my account and I have not turned into a poet overnight. I’ll be back with some laughs soon! 😀 

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