Over the past few months or maybe a little longer, I have been absolutely amazed by the devotion of puppies to their master. Other than the dogs I had as a child, I currently have no pet myself, but reading stories and watching clips, I can tell how loyal they are. Their surrender, care and devotion seems to be almost second to none. I am actually not even sure why humans have the highest power, because these creatures are pretty damn impressive! 

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10 Life lessons from puppies

1. Puppies have no mind of their own.

They will let you decide for them. They will ask once, and thereafter accept your will.

2. Their surrender is complete: They go wherever the master takes them.

Have you noticed how puppies just go with the flow. They have completely surrendered. Master says, let’s go for walks, they go. Master says, stay in today, they sit quietly until they are happy again.

3. They are the most loyal.

The above point number 2 being said, puppies rarely ever abandon their owner. Once they have accepted a master, they will not look elsewhere. A real devotion lesson right there for us humans.

4. They have unwavering faith in their master. No questions asked. Even if they could talk:)

They know that their master loves them and will do the very best for them. Their faith is set and even if sadly some puppies are not treated well, in general, their nature is such that their faith remains strong. And how can such faith not be rewarded?:)

5. Their innocence is adorable.

They are just playful and will be as they are, knowing for they fact that they must be accepted as they are. Why? How else can they be?! They don’t know any other way!:) And we love ’em that way.

6. If they want your attention they will claim it.

Puppies, or maybe even toddlers for that matter, don’t seem to care that they may be disturbing you. If they want to sit in your lap, they will jump right on. If they need your attention they will tug at your clothes and drag you with them. It’s their right after all and they don’t even feel bad about it. Ever! A childlike, innocent way of living. Endearing, if you ask me!

7. If they want your love, they will love you unapologetically. 

Puppies cannot talk. They will not ask you a million times whether you love them;) If they want your love they will simply shower you with love, unlimited amounts of love. They are completely unapologetic and that too without even wondering whether you want the love or not. They only know how to love and care! How amazing!!:)

8.They know that their love will melt you and you will be left with no choice.

They are persistent! They will keep showering you with love until you melt. And if you do not, then their puppy face will do the job for ya! Can anyone resist a sad puppy face?:) 

9. Puppies accept and love themselves as they are.

Puppies rarely face any self-doubt nor are they ever hard on themselves! They will play, love and fight if needed but they won’t be forever negative and sad. They get a little love and they are forever grateful. Their puppiness lies in their cuteness. I mean their cuteness lies in their unapologetic self-acceptance.

10. They bounce back up and love you back within minutes. They don’t keep grudges.

If their owner, their whole world scolds them, they will be sad but you can win their huge heart back within minutes. They don’t know anything of the past, grudges are unknown to them. What a beautiful way to live!!

Pup-life for the win! Now, if only we could truly apply these in our lives, what a care-free life filled with love would it be. I wonder if humans were blessed with a mind or was it a jinx! Just kidding!:)
Please note that I will not take the blame if you are tempted to get yourself a puppy. I said nothing. I only typed!;) 

The above lessons come from my observation of puppies but not really as an owner. Feel free to add or remove. Not the puppy, the lessons!

Go on, add some of your own pup lessons in the comments below, from observation or experience, doesn’t matter, because the puppy really has no mind:)

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