This whole month somehow celebrates women, perhaps. It really depends how in tune you are with worldly affairs and events. Well, if you aren’t, no worries, now you know that today, 8th March, the world celebrates Women’s day!

So, on that note, Happy Women’s day to all women and men out there. Yup, men too. It’s amazing that this celebration has picked up quite a bit since the past few years and that people all around the world acknowledge and celebrate it. As I was contemplating on women’s day yesterday, a specific thought truly left me in awe. You see, when people think of women’s day, there is instantly this idea of ‘fighting’ for rights, or feminism (extreme or not), or even of surpassing men. It’s as if celebrating women’s day is equivalent to shouting on roof tops about how great women are. But really, isn’t it true that people should let their success make all the noise? So, where am I going with this and what thought occurred to me?


(Sorry Swami I am about to let your secret out:) Just kidding!)

Have you noticed the gentleness, kindness and hidden empowerment behind I didn’t until yesterday. In fact, is this one platform which allows everyone to unleash their potential, whether we think we have it or not. The silent guiding force behind each post, behind each action has been unleashing everyone’s inner power for months now! But, not just women. You would agree with me that in essence, it is gentleness, kindness, care and love which mostly describe femininity and not the physical. And is doing just that, it empowers the gentle, kind, loving, brave, caring side of each one of us. Men and women. It’s about balancing ourselves towards empowerment and our full potential. Every single one of us has a role to play in this world and it isn’t dissimilar to the microcosm and macrocosm theory. Some of us share stories to make others laugh, others of bravery, others to break barriers, others to inspire. Every. single. one. matters. Have you found your part? It’s right there looking at you. has been empowering women (& men) all along! Some of us who never even thought we could write or even earn money, the ever compassionate has silently arranged for it. We have all been empowered gently, silently and lovingly, yet barely any of us have been aware of it.  At least I wasn’t, until I noticed that is filled with beautiful posts from mostly women as well as gentle, loving men. Whether it is in comments, editorial team, member posts and our Swami’s post, everything oozes femininity i.e. care, love, joy, and compassion!


And we are all led by the ever compassionate, loving and caring Om Swami, who opened His playground to help empower everyone, the feminine and masculine in us. How can I start writing about His glories? The post will become a book:)


The point really is that true empowerment is gentle, slow and transformative. And Om Swami is doing just that, whether we know it or not. 

And on women’s day what can we do to repay the love we receive and what can we do to empower ourselves?


 The best gift we can offer the divine on women’s day is being happy, caring for others as well as loving and treating ourselves nicely.


Actually, as a gift for my next 10 birthdays, @ANew allowed me share her Top 5 tips for women. I totally agree that respect, care, ‘Me’ time, loving ourselves and helping fellow women contribute greatly to our own wellbeing and helps us enjoy each day as a true blessing!

Here’s A-New way to celebrate Women’s day:
1. Respect yourself for the work you do. Worldly profession or taking care of your family or both!
2. Take care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising.
3. Giving yourself some me time where you spend time laughing with your true friends.
4. Promise to never compare yourself to any other woman ever.
5. Think of one woman who feels left out and depressed and take a vow to give her love and a sense of belonging for one year until next women’s day. (You would be amazed at how your heart becomes overwhelmed with love and self-love!)


As Swami’s posts say it all about Self-Love and loving and I love you‘s, we all know by now that helping others and loving ourselves are paramount to a happy life! And on that note, I say, dear women and men, celebrate each new day as a new life!! Happy women’s day to you all.
Immense gratitude to our Motherly Swami for everything.




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