Love at first sight, I heard of it
Being awestruck, I heard of it too
But You were different
Your magic unfolds slowly

I knew nothing, I still don’t, but You knew. You know.
Silently, standing there,
You melt us away in Your love

We know not of Your magic
As we sit there in silence with You, Oh Lord,
With a smirk and mischief in Your eyes, You know our thoughts

The visible is simple to us
But the invisible? The invisible is Your play.
We sit in silence, but the tears, on those faces staring at you, are not so silent.

We fail to understand You, yet,

You whisper in our ears:
“My play is my love
I know all about you, but, do YOU know you?
Dance away in my arms, oh child. I am Yours and You are mine
Those tears are the shower of my grace
As the rain renews everything around, 
I annihilate your darkest moments with my light,
With my touch, I promise you, you.”

Yet, covered, we don’t know You
We come to You clueless,
But remain glued to You
For, Oh Sri Hari,
You win us over in Your silence.

Your smile- the kindest of all,
Your love, Your gentleness and Your magnificence, all
Engraved in our hearts

Let’s celebrate You, Oh Lord
The most beautiful of All

Sri Hari
The eternally smiling one.