Ever since I was little ( well, little-er), something about inequality or injustice has always triggered some anger in me. I have been a sucker for everyone being treated equally. Of course, don’t get me wrong, if a kid scores the highest in an exam, he or she absolutely deserves to the be given the first place. But by inequality I am referring to the way in which we treat others, we love others and we judge others. I mean come on! If we’re going to pass harsh judgement, let’s at least be harsh on everyone, right? Just kidding! 

Perhaps this need for equality is due to my own shortcomings, my inability to rise above the all the conditioned boxes of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. And as many of us would’ve experienced, girls do tend to face higher levels of inequality, wherever they are in the world.

I remember how it would absolutely make me fume when the priest would say that girls should definitely not worship or come close to certain deities during religious rituals. My rebellion would rise and I would fire like a little dragon! When only men would be asked to perform certain rituals, I now think that God made me shy for a reason. Had I not been quiet, I might have thrown a tantrum right there and then! And punched a few people too.

Aren’t we all glad to have the gem right here amongst us who has completely annihilated the old biased conditionings of religious rituals? Our ultimate Om Swami, the one being, who has throughout the past few years helped us see the truth as it is. The truth that creed, race, gender, religion, sins and beliefs are only labels and truth is beyond it all. Truth just is and devotion is of love, not of rituals. And how He has clearly explained the importance and reason for rituals too. That they are here to help us, not to tie us down and make us fanatics.

I think that the ultimate way to empower humans, be it men or women, is by rising above these tired concepts of conditionings which only breed inequality. I have to say that, although it is far from easy to change others, we must first be clear about our own beliefs and our contribution towards implementing them.

Once we get comfortable with ourselves, I believe that we allow others to be as they are. This is not to say that we remain quiet when inequality is happening. But I guess over time we are also granted with the wisdom to understand when to speak and when to let others be. The wisdom to know when speaking will make a difference and when it will not.

I have also observed that inequality doesn’t only arise towards those who are different from us. Time and time again I have unfortunately come across women themselves who mould themselves into the conditioning of demeaning the role of women in society. We are a sum total of our choices and the best way to empower women is by showing them the infinite possibilities they have at their disposal. By making them understand that their potential is limitless.

Another point which may lead many to disagree is the fact that many girls seem to believe that the only way to their stability, happiness and empowerment may be through marriage. Although it may be true in some cases, how wonderful would it be to make all the beautiful little girls out there understand that they are complete in themselves. I may have always been a rebel in my thinking, as I feel that the foremost priority of individuals ought to be education, skills and gaining independence, instead of marriage.

And just like in a yummy meal, the main dish is always enhanced through delicious small portions of side dishes and desserts, in life too our main tools are our literacy and life skills to be independent. These, of course, are further enhanced by our beautiful surroundings as per our wish, e.g. the joy (maybe) of marriage, single life and/or serving humanity.

At the end of the day, we all have such immense potential within us and it is extremely silly to believe that our gender, age, religion and marital status could limit us. The whole idea is perhaps to not thrive for equality but instead to become the best version of ourselves, to challenge our own potential. And not only that, but to empower others too in the process. A kind world starts with us and our goodness dissipates onto others!

As for some of the most powerful and beautiful women I know, and we know, are those who always had the courage to stand up for themselves with utmost confidence in their beauty, inside and out! They are even borderline self-obsessed (just kidding). And however they are, they bring the best in others around them too, with their love, care and joy for life.

The only limit is the sky! Let’s not cage ourselves into unnecessary conditions, contracts and imaginary ties! Fly, girl! Fly!


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