What was Ganesha’s Role in the Mahabharata?

It is important to know that Ganesha also had a role to play in...

Lessons from Mahabharata: Your Choice Determines Your Fate, Like Karna

Being good and kind alone is of no use if we cannot distinguish between...

2021 Reflections

Life in years or years in life that count

What is Gita Jayanti and Why it’s Celebrated?

Celebrating the birth of the Bhagavad Gita

Long-Awaited Rain

Now I love this flow called life

Avatar of sadhvi vrinda om


One change of attitude can bring out a drastic change in our lives.

Avatar of vkr

If an All-Loving God Exists, Why is There Suffering?

What causes the suffering and can the nature make it a better world

Devi Calling

Devi's calling from within

Avatar of chitrotpala chaitali dash

Krishna : The Eternal Companion

How Krishna evolved with time in my life

Avatar of rajesh kodukula

Inner Wishes

Let the light shine deep inside our souls

A Common Person’s Spirituality

My path for myself—a common man, summed up

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An endearing and engaging flow of both the worlds

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David & Goliath

Confront your fear. The obstacle is the way

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