Today, I bring to you the most important video – Vision of the Goddess. 

This is not just any video. It is not a discourse. This is my living experience, the one I breathe and live every moment of my life.

Every single word uttered in the video is pure truth; truth as I saw it, as I experienced it and as I felt it. This video contains my first-hand account of what happened when I got my first comprehensive, living, and unambiguous vision of the goddess, the Divine Mother. The narrative is in Hindi with subtitles in English. 

Many a time people ask me if I have seen the Divine Mother and if so, what is She like! Each time I vivified my experience, I found it hard to do anything worldly for many days after that. The devotional sentiment on the inside would barricade the outflow of words. So, I promised many that one day I would record it so all those who want to know, can see it. If you want to understand how to do a sadhana to experience and see the Divine Mother, here is one sadhana. Or you can get more insight from this book.

If you can grip the subtle messaging in the video and can inculcate it in your own life, you will never feel the need to hear another discourse, read another post, or embrace any other teaching. Watch it and see how you feel.

I recommend that you watch it when you have an uninterrupted thirty minutes to spare. Sit in solitude, put your headphones on, turn off your mobile, remove all distractions, and watch this video. I think you will get something out of it, especially if you believe in the notion of God.

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