Here is a beautiful video for you on the Cosmic Mother, parashakti, the Supreme Energy, the transcendental, Adi shakti, the Primal Energy, and the cause of all causes. There is a devotional song called Niranjani Narayani performed by Pandit Jasraj, the classical singer.

The words are few but magnificently sung lauding the Divine Mother. It is a must-watch.

I have picturized, transliterated as well as subtitled the song for you. Watch it with your headphones on for the finest experience. It is going to titillate the latent devotion in you for the Divine Mother. Of the three videos, saving the discourses, thus far, this one is my most favorite. It features various facets of the Goddess, the Divine Mother – the audio and eulogy are incomparable. You may also want to see the Vision of the Goddess.

YouTube video


P.S. Try and put your cell phones away, minimize your email client and have your headphones on before you click ‘Play’ to enjoy every moment while you watch this video.


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