3mo ago


The moments and the path to goals lie unacknowledged still.

4mo ago

His Drape of Love: A Poem

Happy birthday, Swamiji. And thank you- I can never say that enough.

5mo ago

Anger: My Lover And Yours.

A 3-minute poem about an emotion unlike another.

7mo ago


A three-minute poem written from the POV of a bride.

9mo ago

Training Wheels- No. Ready, Set, Go!

Part 2 of a series about my disasters on two wheels.

11mo ago

Training Wheels- No. Ready, Set, Go!

How I learnt to cycle and related calamitous events

12mo ago

Chapter 3- Painted Secrets

Part 3 of a Japanese Fiction with many secrets to share.

12mo ago

Chapter 2- Bruised Facades

Re-continuing my Japanese Fiction.

1 year ago

I’m Freeeeeee! (Exams Over.)

Master has given Dobby a sock. Dobby is free!

1 year ago

The Vain Pine Tree

Those who are vain shall wane away, another 5-minute poem!

1 year ago

To Strong, Sincere, Selfless Swati Aunty!

Wishing the osdotme inspiration a Happy Birthday!

1 year ago

Against All Odds: Hetal Sonpal

A read worthy to silence the most talkative. An unparalleled tribute from an admiring...

1 year ago

Aisle Be Damned: Rishi Piparaiya

One of my all time favourite books. #TheWriteChoice

1 year ago

How To Make Studies Not Suck

Basically, study tips, yeah. #TheWriteChoice