Why does your incoherent sound bring a smile?
Why does so pure sound this loud whisper from the depth of one’s throat?
A tune unsung by the finest musicians;
I know you not, yet call you an apparent giggle or gloat.
Why can my lips not suppress your tantrums?
And why do you leave me be when tears befall?
Why does the solemn one long for your hollow tunes-
Tunes somehow desirable, unlike the hungry child’s brawl.

Perhaps a friend you may be to the sultry summer night,
But to a stranger staring into the flames, clad in ashen white-
Ashen as his face, he thinks himself daft
To trust his fickle friend- the bitter laugh.

A/N: First of all, thank you so much for making it this far! It means a lot. This post was a five minute challenge I gave myself in school as the class was a free period and I had nothing to do, for once, all my work was complete! 🙃 Therefore, I sincerely apologise for any loss of quality that might be visible. Perhaps, I’ll get better at writing five minute poems in the future (I hope I do, you all are so kind to me, and in return, I give you bad poems? How tragic! 🙁). Thank you once again for your precious time! Jai Sri Hari!

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