(How many of you got the Harry Potter reference in the tagline? 🙃)

The clock has struck a lazy four as I’m typing this blog. Even my keys seem to be screeching in protest, it’s been so long since I’ve laid so much as a fingertip on them- but the familiar thrill of thoughts fills my mind once again as my fingers graze the worn out keys. They’re not really worn out- at least they don’t look it, which is much of my current circumstance summed up in a sentence. Having bathed and gotten ‘nicely’ ready after days and days of shirking in pyjamas, I look all set to go out or whatever. But I’m not. What I’m ready for is burning my textbo- anyway, that is completely irrelevant to my blog.

The lone echo of my pen scribbling across my answer sheet has become the tune to which my life dances, but I plan to get back on track by making sure the tunes are instead the gentle clicking of a writer’s keyboard in the dark. I’ve made multiple promises to multiple people that I’d write after exams, so here I am, writing about how and why I could not write. In one word- cruel, cruel examinations. (Well, that’s three words.)

The concept of examinations is a mind blowing one. A child swots all night, writes out his crammed concepts, forgets it the day after and graduates to the next grade! In the next grade’s first term, he learns a little more about what he learnt the previous year, swots it over again, graduates and forgets it. It’s little different from the weird system of a flight’s boarding pass- you stand in a long line to collect it, then stand in another long line to hand it over.

Seriously though, I digress- look at an exam hall. There’s one focused kid who finishes an hour early, one who falls sleep, one who clicks his ball pen all through the paper braving the annoyed glances he gets while another who writes god knows what until the very last second. (By the last minute, your handwriting has already changed to doctor’s script.) It doesn’t help that I spent my 9th grade behind a mask, so I had to give the exam with me fuming like a dragon underneath the cloth, which was particularly uncomfortable during Math.

Oh, Math. Don’t even remind me of Math. You ever want to/ have you ever read a book so well written that it made you cry? Well, I don’t know about well-written, but the RD Sharma for Class 9 will be sure to make you cry, mate. Tears hundred percent guaranteed.

So, yeah. That’s why I’m free now- because my examinations just got over yesterday. Your girl is back in action! 😀 I’ll be here to annoy you all again, mwahaha. 

Anyway, that’s all, I guess. This post was mainly just to elaborate and provide an explanation to several people as to why I haven’t written in a while plus have kind of a monologue with you, because I usually like to pretend I’m a very wise person in our posts so you forget that I’m just a high-energy food-loving child and this post was to remind you of the latter so you can just excuse me every time I bother you in the near future. (Mwahaha.) But, my friend, young or old, your days of peace are over. I’m here now. And for the duration that I’m exam-free, I’ll definitely try and entertain or irritate you with my posts whenever possible.

Got a problem with that? Deal with it. You welcomed a stray teen into your community. Mwahaha! (How many times am I going to add this parrot? As much time as it takes to achieve world domination. Mwahaha.)

Anyway, that’s all for today, folks! I’ll see if I can sneak a bit of wisdom out of life tomorrow and not give you a post as hollow as this one. If it’s any help to the gloom look on your faces realising how much time you’ve wasted reading this, here you are, a nice animated short film for you: here.

Also, if you’re up for it, do answer the following in the comment’s section!
1. How are you? How are things at home?
2. What is your worst exam memory from your schooldays?
3. If subjects were real people- both your favourite and the ones you disliked (if any), what would you do with/to them?

Alrighty, then. Have fun and take care, osdotme fam! No, no italic text formatting and author’s note in this post. This is just a conversation we had. Plenty more to come! Lots and lots of love. Jai Sri Hari. 

P.S: Thank you so much, Prahalad bhaiya, for giving me an idea about this post although I didn’t really stick to the topic, and sorry, Rishi, for stealing the questionnaire idea from your post!