Her face weaved with the loveliness of an angelic smile

And her heart holds love beyond what I might convey

Her voice clear like a long lost spring in the mountains high-

Her devotion baffles all, leaving them with little to say.

Her mind pure as the gush of the Giri in the Himalayas

And her laugh resounds through heaven and all worlds at bay

Songs seem to stitch themselves for her and the birds too sing

Her eyes hold the brightness of the Sun at mid-day.

Her words and comments sweeter than nectar from the finest flowers

And her faith knows no limits or manly bound

Like a child, yet like a soul so old-

Quietude and love fill all spaces she is in and around.

Her advice comes to me like a stolen secret I so need

At times when I long for an inspirational guiding light

Negativity into positivity, pessimism into optimism-

There are seldom forces that Swami aunty’s love cannot fight.

I see in her a calm and silence like that of mother Divine

And a warm hug I send her way

For she is Swati aunty, forever my kindred soul

And to her, I wish a Happy Birthday!