Her face is like the full moon shining twice as bright
The few strands of hair making her eyes go in and out of sight
She rids herself of all labels, she reeks of solace,
But in my chaotic heart, she occupies quite a space.
Her smile would quickly light up the darkest room
And her laugh is to a tiring mind a calm and cleansing broom
For it rings across the lord and his green, flowery lands
And reaches Him in Vaikuntha where tall he stands.
I love her so that words cannot decorate
My love for her, it’s like a chocolate cake on a plate
Before words could compliment its spongy form
It’s in your tummy, making you feel nice and warm.
And that love for her of mine is warm and sweet,
But not as much as Komal didi, it cannot her beat!
I send her virtual hugs loads, she’s a sunshine ray
And to this bright soul I wish a happy birthday! 💗

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