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The Golden Rule

Everything comes back to you

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Do I Deserve to Write Here?

And why should we write, even if we are not a writer?

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Beware of Your Thoughts: Part-2

Everything is created twice – first in mind and then in reality

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The New Path – Keep Walking, Life...

Keep walking with unwaivering faith, and very soon you will discover, that you are...

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क्या है ज़िन्दगी ?

ये जानने की राह पे चलने का, नाम है जिंदगी

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Look for Silver Lining in Every Dark...

Every seemingly dark situation also holds a brighter side - Just look for it...

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Beware of Your Thoughts

They are seeds of your all actions and reactions

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आखिर तुम चाहते क्या हो?

(भगवान् ने मुझसे पूछा)

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Smile Without a Reason

Smile & Breath are Tools for Peace

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अब छोड़ो भी फिर वही बाते…

पाना ही है, तो वो पा लो, जो पाने से सब कुछ पा लोगे।

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Wake-up Man! A Clarion Call to Start...

A call to myself and alike. It's still not too late.

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Suffering is Life’s Beacon to Lasting Peace!

By seeing through suffering, we may find the way to fulfilling life.

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Am I Really The Rain?

I wondered, what the rain must be thinking about journey of its life? while...

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