In last June, I was seating alone in my home , as I could not go to office since it was raining heavily outside. I watched the rainfall (its Mumbai rain) from my window for long time, as I had nothing much to do. I felt good, but after some time feeling of boredom came. With such an energetic environment outside, while I was full of energy, since there was nothing much to do I kept browsing net and reading news for some time. Then a thought also crossed my mind to watch some movie on Prime – since kids were not around, mind was suggesting for 18+ movie on Prime.

Then I remembered what the learned always says – its all about energy – it is up to you how you use that energy – you can invest it into a creative task or squander it in fulfilling worthless desires (this is the benefit of satsang – listening You Tube videos and reading books of Swamiji, Sadhguru, Osho, etc). Then I consciously decided not to waste my lively energy in watching movie. So, I though about the alternative, and decided to use that energy in some creative way – by writing a Poem.

Actually, after long time (may be after 10 years) I had started to write something – earlier in college days I had written few marathi poems. I started to write the Poem at 3pm and after many revisions, I finally completed it around 6PM. And when I completed the Poem, and when I finally read it, I was like filled with joy, with a natural automatic smile on my face, heart with full peace – a filling of achievement of something. (you can read that poem here –

So, first time I was convinced that the energy can be transmuted as per our choice. I consciously diverted it from a proposed negative task to a positive and creative task. Had I spent 3 hours in watching movie, by 6Pm I would have been sapped of my all energy, I would have regrated wasting time and remaining day would have gone in gloom only.

Then, when I thought of sharing this with my wife, I remembered about (I had read many Posts of Swamiji there). But, when I decided to post on, I wondered “Do I deserve to write there? I am not that good, I am not a writer, Whether others would like it?”. But again, I thought “Anyways when I had started to write, my purpose was not to show my skill or to get appreciation of others. So let us post it, even if that poem touches heart of one person, even for a while, it would be worth to share”. And I finally went ahead. And our Members received it with appreciation.

So, I am grateful to our Swami Maharaj and team beyond any words, for giving such a wonderful platform to express our energy (of pain, joy, boredom) in a creative form, which in turn again empowers us to lead a better life. This platform has really touched many lives in a very positive way. Now, when I am idle (instead of squandering energy here and there) I read posts here and write – present post is also a result of the same.

So in my view, we all deserve to (and should) write even if we feel we are not that capable or eligible, for two reasons – firstly you will be using your energy for a creative work – filling yourself with joy and peace (my above example); and secondly (as Swamiji says) even if one person is touched (even for a while) by your writing, that would be your true achievement, as you would be helping Nature to make this world more peaceful, even if it is for a moment. There could be more creative ways to use your energy if you are not fond of reading and writing – find your own interest and transmute your energy in creative pursuits. 

Om Shanti!

PS: When I used to read “Featured Posts” sometimes a thought brushed me “will ever any of my post get featured here?”. And when my second post got featured there, it was like pleasant surprise for me. And the most unexpected, excited and joyful moment was when I received email from ‘ Team’ about being a Featured Author. Don’t just read and forget. Think about it, and apply it!