The road ahead may seem bumpy,

And may appear lonely,

The sky may get dark and scary,

But you hold on and trust your lord, 

It won’t be for long.

Your thoughts may stoop to lows,

And conjure up horror shows,

Pounding of your heart may grow,

But you just watch them and hold on,

Nothing has lasted for long.

Only he is liberated, 

Who attempts to break the bonds.

Only he sees light at end of the tunnel,

Who courageously steps in the dark.

And your unending efforts are sign,

That you will find your calling on new path.

So hold on, 

Keep counting your blessings,

Remember all your acts of kindness,

Reminisce your past success.

And keep walking with unwaivering faith,

And very soon you will discover,

That you are on right path.

Om Shanti!

PS: New path is always challenging but those challenges only are signs that you are on right path, because Path of least resistance will always take you at the same place where you actually don’t want to be. Think about it!