You think wrong,

You do wrong,

And expect good to happen to you,

Such is not the law of nature.


You hate others,

You insult others,

And expect others to love and respect you,

Such is not the law of nature.


You rob others,

You cheat others,

And you expect to prosper,

Such is not the law of nature.


You hurt others,

You cause fear and suffering to others,

And expect to have peace and happiness,

Such is not the law of nature.


The unfailing law of nature,

Is very just and straight –

Everything comes back to you,

That too with interest.


If you want to be loved,

Love others,

If you want happiness and prosperity,

First give the same to others.


Sometimes it takes time for karma to unfold,

As for a seed to become a tree.

But be assured,

What you give will come back.

This is as much a truth,

As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Om Shanti!

PS: The above is the summary of the books I read and talks of the great beings that I heard on the life philosophy. They say The Secret to live a fulfilling life is very simple – “Since You Get What You Give, First Give What You Want”. Napoleon Hill (author of international bestseller ‘Think and Grow Rich’) calls it the Golden Rule. Think about it!