Smile without a reason,

Be a reason for others to smile,

And see how peace,

Blossoms in your heart.


Look at things and people,

But only with your eyes,

Let the mind be at rest,

And see the innate beauty of all.


As it is, accept everything,

Fight not any feeling,

Resist not any thought,

Just observe them, Be with them,

And see how stops, the burning of heart.


Remove your self-interest,

From every word, thought and act,

And see how light and effortless,

Becomes the Life.


You want that, which you don’t have,

And don’t want, which you have,

And in the friction, you miss,

The Here and Now.


Stop munching on past,

And imaginations of future,

And see how perfect,

The present moments are.


Be aware of every breath,

Be aware of peace at every step,

And the Life will whisper through you,

The meaning and essence of the Real You.


Recently I read a book (audible) “Peace Is Every Step” by Thich Nhat Hanh, wherein he explained a wonderful sutra to practice mindfulness – he say whenever possible (and to be aware to do so, he also gives some techniques) be aware of your breath – when you inhale say “Breath-in , I calm my body and mind” and when you exhale say “Breath-out, I Smile” (and have genuine smile on your face) – every time you become aware, do this at least three times. Trust me, wearing smile and breathing works. While others may not notice this smile as vividly visible, but you will. As Shri Shri Ravishankar says “to make it, first learn to fake it”. When we feel good, a smile naturally comes on face, and the vice-versa is also true.

So, although I started my poem on subject of ‘smile’, it naturally followed the course of suffering and Peace – Our Swamiji aptly says we all are Pareshan because ‘we want that which we don’t have, and don’t want that which we have’, and Sadhguru pertinently summarizes that ‘we are suffering nothing but our memory and imagination’. So, let us consciously smile and breath, at every step, to go beyond all pareshanis and stress.

P.S. What you say? Think about it!