Am I Really The Rain?

Falling from sky, riding on the wind,
Gliding thorough thunder,
I longed for you.

Kissing the earth, rolling on ground,
Breaking the bunds,
I just thought of you.

On the way, some prayed me,
Some got, pained by me,
But heeding no one,
I hastened to, merge in you.

But, on my journey to you,
Ohh dear Ocean,
Some called me cloud, and some rain,
Some the river, and some the ocean.

And in changing forms, I wondered in pain,
Am I, really the rain?
Is my longing for you, making me blind?
And for you, am I forgetting the real I?

Who am I? tell me ohh Omnipresent,
Am I a drop of water, of no significance?
Am I a flowing river, roaring to ocean?
Or a placid lake sustaining the future?
Am I, earth quenching, showering rain?
Or a devastating flood, causing the strain?

Floating as a cloud, in silence and bliss,
I found my truth and answering peace.

I am cloud, the rain and the ocean,
I am the same, and so one.
I am the essence, of every life,
So, I am life, the all-pervading life.

Now, no longing to merge, no hastening to see,
Only peaceful journey, from me to me.

~ NKB ~

PS: Is our journey to truth similar to above? Think about it !