Aparna's writings

1mo ago

Why Am I Here?

Not like why am I here on planet Earth, but why am I here...

2mo ago

Ask for nothing but His grace

The lessons my father taught are my only aid to live..

2mo ago

Today, I Booked My Ticket to Liberation

Yeah liberation isn't so easy, you have to read on..

2mo ago

I Found My Heaven in the Wreck.

Sometimes it takes a traumatic event to make one look within. #writewithosdotme

3mo ago

Sri Suktam Sadhana – Yajna Mantras

A compilation of some of the mantras chanted during Yajna

3mo ago

That Horrifying Night !

#writeforosdotme I was petrified, but Krishna came to my rescue.

5mo ago

Is Your Glass Half Empty?

Sharing with you all a learning that I wish I could learn early on...

8mo ago

Kindness. More Like a Miracle Emotion ?

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) as Swamiji introduces it, holds the power to humble...

9mo ago

My Loving Child

If my faith (my Krishna) ever spoke to me, he'd say :

10mo ago

The Circle of Unhappiness

Who you surround yourself with, what you hear and what you watch on a...

10mo ago

7 Things to Practice for 7 Days...

Hop on your self transformation journey with these simple and easy to apply tips

1 year ago

About Why It is Important for Us...

Because this New Year went from "happy new year" to "I have fever" real...

1 year ago

Judged Too Quickly ?

We've all done this and then when we realise we were wrong, there's a...