Every time we fall sick, some of us keep wondering “Why me”, maybe it is a great opportunity for one to retrospect and slow down in life.

They say as humans we often tend to mistake activity for achievement. But little do we realize that the true joy of life lies in stillness. That just being in peace and being still and content holds the potential to bring peace beyond most mundane pursuits of ours

Most of us never value what we have until we lose it. While I personally write this article with a runny nose and weary headache, I just can’t stop realizing how sometimes, even the absence of any ailment is a wonderful blessing that we take for granted. About how much having a fully functioning human body is a wonder and a boon. About how sometimes, when the Almighty gives you a cold that irritates you and makes you think “Why me”, remind yourself, “It could always have been worse?

Let’s use it as an opportunity instead to slow down, be still and smell the roses and feel the grass under our bare feet.