I started on a self-transformation journey and here are the most essential 7 things I want to focus on for the coming months until I master it. Most of these are extremely simple things and yet most of us have failed to follow them. I am sharing with you some extremely simple techniques that I promise to follow myself.

1. Distance yourself from your MIND :

I mostly start my days on a good note and set targets to achieve for that day. But somedays, somehow by mid-day, I am in a very low state of energy and I cannot seem to understand what caused it. And there was someone who tricked me into a dull state from my highly optimistic state within a few hours. No prizes for guessing – It’s my MIND. It is indeed amazing how much of a friend we think of our mind, while it is actually our worst enemy. Just distance yourself from your mind consciously for sometime and see how it changes you as a person. Watch for dull and negative thoughts and just practice convincing your mind to let go. Your mind could say everything that may seem real, but trust me, it will be far from the truth. Once you distance from your mind you will be able to see things from a better, more empowering, than depriving, perspective.

2. MORNINGS are beautiful, capture it’s beautiful energy : 

Waking up early in the morning and practicing mindfulness and meditation has benefits that all of us are well aware about. Yet somehow we cannot get ourselves to practice this simple habit. Reason? We lack patience and lose faith in the process eventually. Taking from my experience, I know how on somedays your mind is fresh like a freshly blossomed rose petal and on some other days it just keeps swinging in a storm. Early morning carries a beautiful positive energy, even if you can wake up early and observe the nature, you can capture a lot of positivity and you feel great, I promise.

3. Be compassionate :

You may have already been very kind towards others, but been extremely ruthless with yourself. Consequence is that you cannot go on that path for long. When you are harsh on yourself you cannot be kind to others, rather, not always. Ease out and breathe, take a break and reflect on how beautiful you are really, try finding ways to be empathetic towards your close ones and help them in any way possible. Just doing that over a period can change your life and perspectives in a lot of ways.

4. Keep it simple :

In this world, where social media fire is flaring through all of our lives, we have become accustomed to seeing extremely lavish lifestyles of partying or vacationing at exotic places and we get into the habit of believing that this is how life is supposed to be lived. Well, let me break it to you that it is not completely true. You can still be happy doing small things, the idea is to put your heart and mind into everything you do. You could be at home cooking meals for your family or doing your routine yoga or just sitting idle and relaxing. You can still have your heart feel full just by sitting in peace. Simple things bring the greatest and more long lasting joy. So plant a tree, walk on the grass, observe the birds or just feel water on your body and experience the joy it offers to you – for free!

5. Find your idol :

Today we have a lot of influencers, with everyone saying something and tricking us into believing they are doing great, we may easily get tricked into following a path that they recommend but may not be meant for us. Hence it is very important to spend a good amount of time to find your idol. Someone whose ways adhere to the direction you want to walk. For example if all you ever wanted to do (heartfully) was to live a life of luxe and abundance, following a monk who advices on living a life of sacrifice and detachment is going to leave you confused. Instead, follow someone who guides you rightly on the path you want to walk. At the end, we’re all walking each other Home.

6. Practice having Faith :

As easy as it may seem to follow, it takes a lot to develop an incessant flow of faith in you. That no matter what situations life throw at me, I am guided by the most magnificent force and will swerve through the tides. Most of us fall weak only due to the lack of faith. Having a strong Faith can make you strong in ways you can never imagine. But it takes a lot of practice and tests to get there. But the best part of this exam is that you can re-attempt whenever you want and re-start your prep. A life lived with enough Faith will anyway be a life extremely well lived.

7. Help Others in need :

The world is full of misery and pain. When you start to see the pain that the world holds, I can guarantee none of us could even rest peacefully.

I agree, we cannot change the world but we surely are capable of changing the world for one living being. Be it a stray dog that you promise to provide food to or a fellow human you want to help in kind. Helping people has the best and guaranteed results as this is one principle that implements the “As you sow, so shall you reap” principle fastest. Be kind and help others, you sure shall be helped when in need.