I’m a girl who grew up in the foot hills of the beautiful Western Ghats. The rainy season was my absolute favorite because we used to get surprise holidays. Due to heavy rains, we had to cross a big brook without a bridge to reach our school.  Electricity and telephones were alien things during the rainy season.  There is one more reason why I love the rainy seasons, that is—Stories!!  Yes, my grandfather used to narrate stories under the lantern light. I think from there on,I fell in love with stories. Stories play a very major role in my life. These may be some fairy tales, or Ramayana and Mahabharata stories, or Swamiji’s life story.  In one of Swamiji’s post he mentioned about spiritual Alzheimer’s, for me stories act like a medicine for Alzheimer’s to some extent [You know there is no complete cure to Alzheimer yet :-)]. 

After my marriage me and my husband started our life in the  big busy city of Bangalore. Every day after office I wanted to spend some time with Sri Hari but I used to be totally exhausted. I found no energy to meditate(Or that’s what i believed at the time).  I had a perfect marriage, a good job and all that I wanted in life, but there was a great emptiness inside me. I used to cry in front of Sri Hari. I was not able to manage my material world and spiritual urge. I never thought Sri Hari would respond to my call so quickly.  

One day my husband’s sister called from Germany and told my husband about a job offer.  We both decided to move to Germany.  I was so happy that I told my husband that I don’t want to work anymore and I want to do sadhana. After moving to Germany, I started reading the ‘Ancient science of Matras’  and started my sadhana.  But I was wrong! Even after quitting my job  I was not happy. I had low self-esteem and felt useless. For one hour, daily, I could meditate or do Japa, rest of the time I had no idea what to do!

I was  not able to face people when they asked what I did for a living!! Actually, I lied to a few people by saying that I’m working (But I understood how heavy it feels when you lie!!). 

In this dark period Swamiji’s video stood like a light. After a lot of self-examination, I regained my self-esteem and understood that the material world and spirituality are not two different aspects. It’s important to carry each act spiritually.  In Swamiji’s latest video he said that again

So, I decided to animate my favorite stories !!!!.  

I started a YouTube channel called Story Guru.   My friend Dex stood by me when I told him my idea. For every story he creates a script.  I’m deeply thankful for his help.  Every Tuesday we release new story in our channel.   

From this episode, I understood the following lessons:
1.  Our intention and how we carry our work is important.  

2. There is nothing called the spiritual life and the material life. We have one life and we need to make it spiritual

 3. Time is very important; make life meaningful.

4. Whatever may be the situation, truth is the best option.

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