10mo ago

My Biggest Regret

I landed the job of my dreams and found the girl I'd marry —...

11mo ago

Meditation, Mystical Experiences and Your Progress on...

Sustaining Spiritual Effort by Recognizing the Pearls we've Already Gathered

12mo ago

Visit to Mount Madonna and Sankat Mochan...

I walked away with a powerful spiritual relic

1 year ago

Sadhana App Haș Brought God(s) to Your...

My first Yajna and A glimpse of the divine from using the Sadhana app

2y ago

Can Meditation Change Our DNA?

Meditation and Related Practices Affect the Expression of Genes

2y ago

Spiritual Desire and Divine Grace

My experience of spiritual longing, grace and the divine play

2y ago


Cajoling the mind is an art form; can donuts help?

2y ago

Surrender by Proxy

Her tears were not of sorrow nor any negative emotion. Faith, surrender and devotion...

2y ago

My Struggle with Estrangement from My Brother

Sometimes, estrangement is the only answer left — but do it without any guilt...

3y ago

I found Him then He found me

I didn't know he was my guru until he was gone

3y ago

Heaven and Hell Exist on Earth –...

My adventures into the depths of hell and my escape using the mind’s most...

3y ago

Setting Myself Free, a Journey

My story of breaking the psychological chains, and the three tools that helped me