🍁 About this poem: This is a Seeker’s Song which shows the contrast between a Seeker’s innate longing and family’s expectations. Untill and unless the inner calling is strong enough, family—call it the world—will decide our destiny.

Now that I am 28

And ready to engage with life,

Questions of responsibility and matrimonial dreams

Are piling up on me.

How to tell them where my heart is…

Not in the lover’s bosoms, but in self-discovery.

My dreams are not conjugal, 

My compatibility

Is with my inner being…

Whose beauty I am slowly beginning to admire, 

Whose company 

Fills me with indelible joy and mystery.

O, my caretakers, why don’t you understand:

Another empty vessel of flesh and bone, 

Can not quench my thirst, only 

Can gratify me awhile.

But greedy that I am 

I want absolute gratification.

Nothing less than that.

If at all I have to marry 

I will marry Love Divine.

Our children will be Beauty and Truth—

A truly happy householder will I be.

Now that I am 28…

What say: how is the deal?