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Are Goals Good to Have?

It’s hard to love yourself while simultaneously striving to become the best you you...

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Musing on Kintsugi, Toilets, Japan, and Pallavi...

Aiyar's immersive take on Japanese culture makes one reflect on their understanding of Japan

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How Kidwai’s Quran Spoke to Me, and...

Musings on secularism and Kidwai's The Quran Speaks to You

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Malibu Rising and Why I’ve Started Reviewing...

Musings on the act of reading, popular literature, and Reid's new novel

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Should You Love What You Do?

The joys and downfalls of loving your job

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Why I Write and then Rewrite and...

The joys and downfalls of writing and why I love it so

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Is there a perfect way to meditate?

Every meditation practice is unique but some are better than others.

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Is Being Kind a Privilege?

The opportunity to be kind is unevenly distributed

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The Quarantine Blues

Our now is a sum of our choices and dreams yesterday