Here is a poem I wrote last year on Shiva and Ma :

English translation (may not be completely poetic) :

Shiva is the form of mantra, Shakti is the sound of mantra

Shiva is the geometry of yantra, Shakti is the energy of yantra

Shiva only is Shaktimaan, without Shakti he is like a corpse

He alone holds Shakti, he becomes the cause of 5 acts

Shiva is lord of all Chakras, Kundalini is Shakti

Shiva is Supreme Lord, Supreme Goddess is Shakti

Innumerable are their forms, which are Saguna and Sakaar

Yet they are Nirvikalpa, nirguna and nirakaar

Shiva is Parampurusha, Prakriti is Shakti

Shiv is form of bliss, filled with bliss is Shakti

Some meanings

  • Shaktimaan –  one who possesses Shakti
  • 5 acts – this refers to 5 acts of Creation, Sustenance, Destruction, Veiling, Grace which are carried out by Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Maheshwara and Sadashiva respectively.
  • Nirvikalpa – without variations, free from any wavering


If you liked this poem, then know that Shakti is the beauty of this poem and Shiva who resides inside is the one that is capable of creating this beauty.