One big conditioning of our society is – “Boys don’t cry”, “Don’t cry like girls”. I would easily get hurt when I was a kid and would often cry, result, I was mocked, at school as well as home. So as I grew up, I stopped crying, I suppressed emotions and it made me an angry arrogant kid. Sometimes I would weep silently in pillow.

Now I cry, I don’t suppress anymore. I cry in their lap. It lightens me up. No, I don’t mean complaining, I just cry to express my heartfelt emotions, to heal some wounds. Sometimes when I sense lot of stinky thoughts, I move to tears. I feel those tears purifying myself. It has made me humble. And I don’t feel ashamed of crying. When lord Shiva incarnated from lord Brahma’s eyebrows, he cried out loudly, howled and was named “Rudra”- howler.

Our society believes in “Mard ko dard nahi hota.” – why? Are men made of stainless steel? As a result of such conditioning, men become stone hearted. They become insensitive. No gender quarrels, it has harmed other side also publicising women are weak if they cry. Nobody becomes weak by crying, instead it makes us humble. Who can cry easily? Only someone who is sensitive enough, how can one who can’t feel emotions cry? Is it bad to be soft hearted, to be able to feel others pain.

Sometimes when you feel like crying, cry out like a child does, let some Ganga and Jamuna flow. You will feel refreshed, cleansed, lighter and more better than before. It works as a catharsis. And yes, don’t forget to lock the door 😉!