It’s summers and who doesn’t takes a bath in the morning (I hope you take). A few months ago I started bathing mindfully. Here’s what I do :

Sit cross legged. Relax and take a deep breath. Fill the mug with water.(I first infuse water with mantras) Pour it on head, slowly very slowly. Feel the trails of cool water flowing all over the body with closed eyes or open ones, whatever you find comfortable. But if it’s open, no eye movement or blinking, it disturbs meditative state. 

Some visualisation can also be added. Visualize yourself as deity. Feel as if you are bathing in Ambrosia/nectar of immortality/Amrit. In just one or two mugs, I feel very relaxed. Then I bath in usual way.

Try this, I don’t think it is too hard. Don’t say you don’t have time, I mean, seriously, you don’t have time to even take a bath? Don’t think while bathing, feel the flow of cool water. 

After some time monsoons will be coming, try this in rain. Feel cold drops falling all over the body. I like it very much to bath in rain, it lightens you up and refreshes you like anything.

Haven’t taken a bath till now, go try it now.

P.s. The inspiration came from an episode of DKDM. Watch TV mindfully.