I was thinking about writing this from along time but was not getting where to start with. I am grateful to Ravi ji for giving me the idea to write about this.

The meditation :

Shakti, see all space as if already absorbed in your own head in the brilliance.

Last year, I listened Avdhoot Baba Shivanand repeating again and again : “The universe exists within you.” So, one day, I kept repeating this whole day. Suddenly as I was climbing down stairs, I felt a strange feeling and somehow this simple statement went deep within and gave me an insight. The whole universe exists in me, the whole universe is my body, how can I harm my own body. Each and every part of my body (universe) deserves unconditional love and compassion. Some days (or weeks) ago, I got one more insight in this direction. I have different types of organs in body, each has its own place, no one is great or small. Bones can’t take place of flesh, flesh can’t take place of skin, etc. Each part of body is important. Similarly, there are different types of beings, all deserve respect, all have their own place in existence. No one can be compared with others.

I often meditate using this technique. It works better in a dark room. The first time I meditated in probably this way : I felt as if my house was in me, then the city, state, country and then I visualized whole earth revolving in me. Then I increased the scale to complete solar system, then to complete galaxy, then included other galaxies and then slowly whole  universe. I visualized everything in me, identifying myself with Shiva. This was easy for me as I used to read about astrophysics a lot as a kid and knew the hierarchy of universe. I chanted some mantras subtly, visualizing as I if I sent those vibrations to whole cosmos. I don’t remember thinking anything. The visualization became so strong that I lost my balance and stumbled, although I was sitting cross legged. This broke my meditation. Why did I stumble? Because I was visualizing whole universe in me, there is no floor to sit in such a state. I was in mid air, there was empty darkness above and below.

Try it, maybe you can succeed more than me.