This post is inspired by some comments on my old posts :

“1/2 kg motivation mere ko bhi daan dedo bhai.”- Hritik

“Yash you are just about to break the sound barrier at this speed. Bhaya, manne v thoda daan kar do, khamba ghani (Brother, give some to me also)” – Biswa ji

“What is that impels u to act on the things that u read …” – Subbu ji

So, basically this post about the reason why I often end up trying to practice what I read. There are some words which have really moved me, in chronological order :

“Let go,Unleash your power, No fear, Unleash your power, Let go” – X-Men Apocalypse, watch this here (Did anyone get goosebumps?, do tell in comments)

“If you are willing to walk the path, you will cut through obstacles like water cuts through stones. Your hurdles will vanish like dewdrops do upon sunrise.”, “Go! Awaken your potential to realize who you really are.” – Om Swami, Kundalini, An Untold Story

“One little step existentially is worth more than all the scriptures that you can read on the planet.”- Sadhguru

“I will show you the path, but YOU have to walk on it. I will push you on the path, but YOU have to desire to walk on it.” – Avdhoot Baba Shivanand

“Tell me! If you want to do a difficult thing, I will make it difficult. If you are going to do a simple thing, I will make it simple. It is both – it depends on how it is interpreted. But one thing is needed, that you are going to do. If you are not going to do then the mind will always give you explanations.” – Osho, The Book Of Secrets

“The core of Swamiji’s message is that following a higher path is more important than following any guru or individual. It is only one’s own discovery of his truth that sets the seeker free. Everything else is conditioning. Rather than subscribing to any philosophy, one should work towards one’s own realization. True knowledge always comes from within. He believes even a little application of practical knowledge is far more valuable than a ton of bookish knowledge.” – Here

Although the sources are different, the core message is same. You have to walk, you have to do something, you have to take control, surrendering the fruits at feet of divine. And this resistance is noting but a silly illusion of mind. This didn’t dawn upon me in a single day, it took me some time to realize this.

Last year, I read Osho’s The Book Of Secrets which is his explanation of Vigyan Bhairav, 112 techniques of meditation. I realized that now I know 112 methods, what’s left to explore more. Exploring more without implementing all this is futile, idiotic. I don’t know everything, but whatever I know is sufficient. Can you learn to drive by merely reading about it? A book or a mentor may guide you, but you have to make attempts. So, I decided last year to not to read more and more on spirituality and I even didn’t read much except for Aghora Triology. Recently, I am reading two books, once completed, I don’t intend to read more. One of them I had already planned last year to read. I am fed up of just reading, reading, reading and reading. By just reading and thinking, I have moved into cycles for long, now enough of that cycles.

Keep scratching your head in millions of words and one day, you will also realize this.