I was inspired to write this post by Komal Ji’s this post.

I am not sure where did I first found this analogy between enlightenment and boiling water, but it explains the process of enlightenment pretty nicely.

How do you boil water? You heat it, right? You keep heating it till its temperature reaches 100 degree Celsius. Then it starts turning into vapour, suddenly. Similarly, you have to boil yourself a lot, then one day, effortlessly you become enlightened. How much boiling you require, depends on your present state. For example, cold water will take more time to boil then hot water. Additionally, you have to supply heat continuously, if you supply heat in breaks, it will take a long time.

And yes, by boiling I don’t mean you have to go and sit on a big gas stove (smiles). You have to boil yourself in fire of knowledge and devotion. Virtues like selfless service, unconditional love and forgiveness act as catalysts.

Talking about myself, I am in my boiling phase. I don’t know how much I have boiled. But I attempt everyday to keep boiling.

Thank you everyone. If I wrote anything meaningful, then all credit goes to my guru Shiv and Shakti. I write only by their will.