This my 7th post. I have been writing 1 post per day from last week. Have you ever wondered why? Here are the reasons :

  1. The major reason is – I can’t control. Yes, I can’t control because  my mind is giving out all this stuff continuously, it is overflowing. Few days ago, the intensity was much more than it is now. I mean it still gives out but my control has increased, a little. The outflow is so tremendous that ideas for writing posts come up during activities such as driving, eating, walking, bathing, in class room, solving math questions or when I am alone. It stops only in the evening, after I have meditated. Still, as I write this post there are more than 5 posts already ready in my mind, waiting to be published. They keep coming in my mind again and again. But there is no technology to publish them directly. So, in a nutshell, I am emptying myself.
  2. I can’t share all this with other people around me. They have there own conditioning and belief systems. Moreover, they are not willing. Here, all the members of this kind family,i.e., you, are willing to know such things and are worthy to know this.
  3. I want to spread some light. If any of my posts help even a single person to move one step further in their journey, then my work is done.
  4. The love you all have given me. This love motivates to me write even more.
  5. If Ma as Saraswati has blessed me with some drops of knowledge from ocean of knowledge, then why not share this blessing.

Huh!, as before, I feel relieved.

I offer this at feet of divine.