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I reached school excited. I don’t remember when I went into class, put my bag and rushed to ground. I remember one thing clearly. I was standing on basketball court, she came towards me and I found that someone from my friends had already told her about my proposal the previous day πŸ˜›!!! Of course she rejected. I thought if I would have personally proposed her, she would have accepted. I cursed the traitor whom I didn’t knew. I was very angry at him. At that time, if I knew him, I would have punched him. (Serious note: Now I really feel very bad for having cursed him. I have a clue who did that and sometimes I think my curses have harmed him.)

Anyways, I was rejected but still not dejected. I still loved her. I wrote her 4 lettered name on my left palm, using the lines on my palm πŸ˜…! Now nothing was secret, everyone in class, even in other sections knew about me. One day, I remember she was sitting on left side of last bench of 3rd row from door of classroom. She called me to talk. I just went there, I was on my knees, she asked something. I just remember I said, “I love you.” in most plain and blunt way πŸ˜…. There were other students around but I don’t know from where I got so much courage πŸ˜›.

Time passed we enter 6th class. She hardly talked to me. But I was still not dejected. I got glasses in class 6th which added to my boring look. One day, I remember she called me through one of her friends at school gate. I went. I again said, “I love you.” She asked, “Tu pagal hai.” I said, “Ha. Tere pyar me.”πŸ˜‚πŸ€£(I was crazy.)

One day, some friend came running in class. It was a few days before final exam of class 6th (2014). He told someone had written something in bathroom about me and that girl. I was wrathful. She was in tears. I along with some friends went to our science teacher (she treated me like her own son). We told her. She said if you have not done anything, don’t worry just go and erase it. I remember erasing it with my friends. That day all love fever went away. One of my friends said, “Whomsoever did this is jealous of you. He wants to distract you from studies.” I decided to focus on my studies. All those love illusions were destroyed.

In class 7th, our sections were changed. I was separated from most of my friends got new better friends , my bestie and new opportunity by nature. I began heavy exercising, reading Gita, got serious about my life. Mother Nature arranged a Shivlinga for me to worship (best part of my life☺️). Now I became a totally different person. I became very rude and warrior type(I wrote about it). If I would someday cross that girl, I would ignore her. I didn’t wanted to be fooled again by Cupid. My life took a new turn. I took my baby steps in my spiritual journey that year and also my baby steps towards Mahadeva. 8th went like 7th.

In 2016, I entered 9th. Once again my section was changed and I and that girl were in same class once again!!!🀦 Life took a new turn. What happened? Let’s wait for next post ☺️…