“Contracting (or closing) the openings of the ears and also
the lower opening (reproductive/excretory organs) in the
same way, and then meditating on the place of the
anahad (unstruck) sound within, one enters the eternal
Brahma.” (Verse from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra)

Writing this post is not easy because I have to explain about sound. Sound can’t be seen but it can be experienced. It can’t be explained like you explain what you can see. But I will try my best to explain the sound of silence that I hear.

From a long time I have been doing the bhramari and naumukhi mudra (sealing of 9 gates). I could hear a constant humming sound (it’s very nice and soothing). Now, a few months ago, during our online classes I could here that sound even when during class. I attended the class on phone using earphones. So I was hearing class as well as that humming sound.

Now, on 1st February, I went for some work related to license. At that time, as I have mentioned earlier, I was passing through intense emotions, I was completely exhausted and would cry to Ma all day, physically or mentally. I was walking on the road. I was surrounded by many sounds. Cars and bikes were passing by. Suddenly I realized something, whenever we hear a sound, our ears get focused on it. In this way, our ears keep focusing on different sounds. (Well, it’s confusing but I am trying to explain) Now, I was aware of all different sounds around me, but at the same time, I was hearing that constant humming sound. Now my ears were not focusing on any particular sound. I was in silence in between all the noises. I could hear sounds coming and going as waves in ocean. I also found that our heart and ears are connected somehow.

Later, one day when I was watching Devon ke Dev Mahadev (It has played an important trigger role in my spiritual journey. It’s going to end, and then I will not be watching any more serials or movies. This is just last one😉) in evening, I could hear that humming sound of silence constantly. It felt as if I was standing on bank of river of sounds, watching the river flow. 

Now it’s very easy to tune to that sound. That sound is like the empty background sound in which all other sounds emerge and dissolve. I can hear it right now. That sound is continuous and unchanging. It always remains same. However, it is not boring. It is very soothing. I can hear it in public, although the intensity is little less. But in silence, it is very clear. It is like an anchor of my ears. It brings me to present moment instantly. Moreover, it has improved my hearing capacity than before.

I consider it as formless aspect of Shiva. It is formless, eternal, without variations, empty yet it contains every other sound within it.

I am trying to listen to it in too much noise. Now noise doesn’t disturbs me. Only music disturbs because if I hear a music in high volume by chance (When my mother is watching serial for example. You know how dramatic background music they have.), then it keeps on playing in my ears in loop. 

This sound of silence has led me to one more assumption, I think there must exist a certain empty screen on which we see all other things. I want to see that empty screen. I am trying, if I succeed, I will surely share it with you.

Basically, if you want to tune to that sound, be aware of all other sounds around you. Don’t focus your consciousness on a particular sound. Just be aware and mindful.

I don’t know if I could explain it completely, but I tried as much as I could.