[Note : There are many versions of Shiva Sahasranama (SS). The SS which I memorized and recite can be found here (pdf here). According to the site, it is a part of Rudrayamala Tantra. I couldn't find its English translation anywhere, so the following verses are translated by me with my limited knowledge of Sanskrit and with the help of Sanskrit dictionaries. An audio with slight variations in some verses can be found here. Not good at singing, but I have recorded and uploaded an audio of verses.]

Short background (according to the above linked text) : Rishis ask Sri Sut some question, he then tells them once Skand (Kartikeya) approached Sadashiva♥ with some questions about sadhana, etc. Sadashiva then goes on to narrate the Shiva Sahasranama, 1008 names which are dear to him, which he once narrated to Parvati in Kashi. (You know how complex puranic stories can get.)

तव तत्त्वं न जानामि कीदृशोऽसि महेश्वर ।
यादृशोऽसि महादेव तादृशाय नमो नमः ॥

Oh Maheshwar! I don’t know what’s your real form, what’s your true nature! As you are Mahadev, salutations to you in that way!

Dhyana Verse :

शान्तं पद्मासनस्थं शशिधरमकुटं पञ्चवक्त्रं त्रिनेत्रं
शूलं वज्रं च खड्गं परशुमभयदं दक्षभागे वहन्तम् ।
नागं पाशं च घण्टां वरडमरुयुतं चाङ्कुशं वामभागे
नानालङ्कारयुक्तं स्फटिकमणिनिभं पार्वतीशं नमामि ॥

Meaning: Who is serene, silent, seated in lotus pose, with the glimmering moon as his crown, five-faced, three-eyed. Who holds the trident, thunderbolt, sword, axe, abhay mudra (bestowing fearlessness) in his 5 right hands. Who carries the snake noose (nagapash), bell, var mudra (giving boons), damaru and a goad in his 5 left hands. Who possesses different kinds of beautiful ornaments, who’s lustre is like a pure quartz crystal, I prostrate before him, the lord of Parvati!

The Verses (114-124) :

गौरीविलाससदनो नानागानविशारदः ।
विचित्रमाल्यवसनो दिव्यचन्दनचर्चितः ॥ ११४॥

Who resides in pleasure with Gauri; who is proficient in singing; who is adorned with variegated garlands and smeared with divine sandalwood paste!

विष्णुब्रह्मादिवन्द्याङ्घ्रिः सुरासुरनमस्कृतः ।
किरीटलेढिफालेन्दुर्मणिकङ्कणभूषितः ॥ ११५॥

Whose feet are worshipped by Vishnu, Brahma and others; who is prostrated by both the Sura (Devas like Indra, etc.) as well as Asura (the demons); whose crown on his forehead licks the Indu (which means moon as well as a drop of soma-ras/ambroisa); who adorns a wedding band studded with jewels!

रत्नाङ्गदाङ्गो रत्नेशो रत्नरञ्जितपादुकः ।
नवरत्नगणोपेतकिरीटी रत्नकञ्चुकः ॥ ११६॥

Who wears bracelets studded with gems in upper arms; who is the lord of jewels and gems; whose sandals glimmer like a gem; who wears a crown studded with 9 kinds of gems and a jewel studded garment covering upper torso!

नानाविधानेकरत्नलसत्कुण्डलमण्डितः ।
दिव्यरत्नगणाकीर्णकण्ठाभरणभूषितः ॥ ११७॥

Who adorns glimmering ear rings decorated with different kinds of gems and a necklace which has different kinds of divine gems scattered on it!

गलव्यालमणिर्नासापुटभ्राजितमौक्तिकः ।
रत्नाङ्गुलीयविलसत्करशाखानखप्रभः ॥ ११८॥

Who has a serpent stone in his neck and whose nostril is adorned with a pearl; who’s fingers are adorned with glittering jewel studded rings and whose nails are bright!

रत्नभ्राजद्धेमसूत्रलसत्कटितटः पटुः ।
वामाङ्कभागविलसत्पार्वतीवीक्षणप्रियः ॥ ११९॥

Whose hips are adorned by a golden lace gleaming with jewels; who is smart; who loves the glance of Parvati adorning the left side of his lap!

लीलावलम्बितवपुर्भक्तमानसमन्दिरः ।
मन्दमन्दारपुष्पौघलसद्वायुनिषेवितः ॥ १२०॥

Who holds a physical body just for his play (leela); whose real abode is the heart and mind of his devotees; who’s served by gentle breeze full of intoxicating fragrance of Mandar flowers!

कस्तूरीविलसत्फालो दिव्यवेषविराजितः ।
दिव्यदेहप्रभाकूटसन्दीपितदिगन्तरः ॥ १२१॥

Who’s forehead is gleaming with the deer’s musk; who manifested a divine illuminated appearance (during his wedding); the brilliance of whose divine body lights up all the space around him!

देवासुरगुरुस्तव्यो देवासुरनमस्कृतः ।
हस्तराजत्पुण्डरीकः पुण्डरीकनिभेक्षणः ॥ १२२॥

Whose glories are sung by the Guru of Devas (Brihaspati) as wells as Asuras (Shukracharya); who is worshiped by both Devas and Asuras; who holds a silvery white lotus in his hands and whose eyes are like white lotus!

सर्वाशास्यगुणोऽमेयः सर्वलोकेष्टभूषणः ।
सर्वेष्टदाता सर्वेष्टः स्फुरन्मङ्गलविग्रहः ॥ १२३॥

Whose has all sorts of blameless qualities, i.e., who is faultless; who is adorned by all those things respected by whole world; the giver of all that is desired; who’s one desired by all, everyone’s Isht; who has a gleaming auspicious form!

अविद्यालेशरहितो नानाविद्यैकसंश्रयः ।
मूर्तिभवः कृपापूरो भक्तेष्टफलपूरकः ॥ १२४॥

Who is devoid of slightest trace of ignorance; who alone is a possessor of varied forms of knowledge; who takes material form; who is filled with compassion and grace; who fulfills what’s desired by the devotees!

Any corrections in the above translation are welcome as I am not a scholar of sanskrit, just tried my best to translate the verses. Further, while I was translating I realized that they can convey a subtle meaning also. So, even I learned something while drafting this post. I offer this to Shiva – Har Har Mahadev♥!!!

22/12/2021 - Draft finished

P.s. – 1.) I know it’s too early, but anyhow, HAPPY MAHASHIVARATRI in advance to everyone out there :)!

2.) Mahashivaratri is approaching, may Samba-Sadashiva, eternally benevolent Shiva accompanied with Amba, the universal Mother, bless you all with what’s best for you!

3.) Although I have never seen Shiva and he has always remained blur, hazy in my mind’s eye, when I read or recite about his form, his appearance, I am filled with a really beautiful feeling, don’t know how to describe it.

4.) I have my end semester theory offline exams from 4th March to 1st April, so won’t be able to write till then.

|| ॐ  नमः शिवाय ||

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