Reading Siddhika ji’s and Praveen ji’s post on paranormal experiences, I thought to share one eerie incident of my life.

It was 28th February, 2021 (I remember exact date as I mailed a friend, checked gmail for date ;)), when I visited my maternal Grandmother’s place for one of our ancestors shraadh/din, something like that. Three things happened. During afternoon, we were discussing about Paranormal experiences of different members. (I just remembered right now, from where did it all begin. One of the teachers at my sister’s school in free period narrated his real life experience to students. My sister narrated it to us, and then it gave way to a long discussion on 28th Feb.) So, we discussed real life horror stories. Secondly, there were photos of 3-4 ancestors in a room, one of which had such experience, not in negative way, he was a very brave man. We are from lineage of warriors and somewhere, the traits of valor and anger (which I had hard time getting over) are still dominant in our blood. I went in that room and stared at those images as if I was invoking there energies. I think I even made some mental offerings. I didn’t knew I was going to mess up things, a little. Then, thirdly, in a situation (which I don’t want to disclose), I pressed my right heel on floor, sitting on chair, with an intent of passing positive energy to that place. (Sometimes, I feel such energy transfer happens but it can be draining and taxing on your own system) And you already know the background, those times were when I was emotionally, mentally exhausted and already gloomy.

I don’t know which one of three incidents resulted in outcome, but outcome was not very pleasing. The whole day, those photos were clearly visible in my mind’s eyes and continued to be visible for next 1-2 days. I felt a strange silence, very spooky feeling. By next day, my right heel was aching like anything. I felt weakness in all my body. I didn’t had even the strength to sit and meditate. Nobody knew what was going on with me. I was like suffering. But I still knew a way. I could at least hear. So, I listened to Rudra Suktam and Durga Suktam. Rudra and Durga forms of Shiva and Shakti have the sound ‘r’, which is bija mantra of agni tattwa, so both are fire dominating names. In simple words both forms are associated with intense energy which wards of evil. So, I listened and maybe even recited (don’t remember exactly). It filled me with great will power. Although I was physically weak and energetically drained, I had got my somewhat lost will power, the mental strength, perseverance. Further, I tried one more thing as a remedy. I meditated on Ma Kali. I realized that somewhere I was hesitating to meditate on her. I had done that before and always, things fell in right place. It occurred to me that if I am hesitating, this might be due to some unwanted energy in me. So, I anyhow meditated on her and chanted her mantra. I recovered in 2-3 days.

I am not sure if there was any relation between those different events. But anyhow, it was very strange and somewhat spooky experience. I am grateful to Ma and Shiva for guarding me amidst all such times.

Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash