The importance of food in spirituality has already been discussed here and here. The first thoughts about this post came on 31st May after having food with family. Somehow, that day, wedding food became the topic of discussion. I realized a few reasons why eating in public may harm you spiritually :

  • You eat in public. Everything is public there. You never know who’s looking at you or your food with what intent. (For example, a lady may be jealous of other’s jewellery or make-up!)
  • Although it may not be true in all cases, but at many places, the workers who are involved in the process of preparing food work in pathetic conditions. The energy of there tension and worries get mixed in the food, and when food assimilates, it becomes your part. Suppose if the head scolds someone, will he prepare food happily? The workers anxiety will flow in food.
  • In India, often people take loans for weddings. That mental pressure and agony somewhere gets reflected in the food, as the one who has taken loan will be overseeing all preparations. The effect is at subtle levels and we never realize.
  • Besides, not eating silently and overeating may cause even more harm.

On the day of my 12th farewell (Feb, 2020), when I returned home I got stomach ache and fell sick. Only when I vomited all the food, I got relieved. During those days, I had increased meditation time and probably I was more vulnerable. Whatsoever be the reason, vomiting the food relieved me of sickness. The last time I attended a wedding was in Jan/Feb 2020, and thanks to Covid, I have not attended any wedding or other such public eating since then. Over the last year, my way of thinking has changed much and I feel that it has been supporting my progress at some level. Further, I have changed the way I eat, about which you can read here.

Edit (9/2/2022) - We are constantly evolving. What I have realized now is that what I wrote in this post at that time  is half truth. If you are eating consciously, mindfully, offering every morsel to divine within you and with respect towards the food in your plate, what all I wrote above doesn't matter. And if you eat with anger and such negative feelings, even the prasad of a temple will be harmful. Apologies.