Intro – While reading any book, or posts on, or listening to any discourses, etc we often come across some keywords which fascinate us and with great enthusiasm we decide, “Yes, I will do this, I will surely do this.” But mostly, due to the bombardment of so many thoughts, we forget to apply those learning, no matter how important it felt for us. Let me ask you some questions. Some recent posts by a wise person were Resistance, An Insignificant Problem, Disappointment, Lies, etc. Did you stop procrastinating? Did you picked up some big purpose? Did you apply what you learnt in those posts? If yes, you deserve a pat on your back. If not, then tell me, where did you reach? If you read my post on breathing, do you really still practice it or forgot after doing it for one or two days? This happens with most of us. Reason is we feel very good when we “collect” words, we don’t try to “implement” them. The basic idea of this post is to help you really implement what you read, so that you benefit from Swami’s post and other posts. Otherwise, merely collecting words is pointless pursuit.

Technique – The technique is quite simple. Take one quality defined in a word or a short phrase at a time. All throughout the day, keep repeating that word or phrase. Here, the “number” of times you repeat is immaterial, what I really mean is “consciously” and “mindfully” repeat the word mentally. What that word “means” to you is of utmost important, don’t repeat something you don’t understand. Word is just a type of instrument, vessel to hold a meaning. This will kill two birds in one stone. Firstly, you will develop the desired quality and secondly, you will become more mindful and aware with time. Moreover, your mind will be engaged in something constructive all day rather than wandering here and there. And remember the hindi idiom :

करत करत अभ्यास के जड़मति होत सुजान।
रसरी आवत जात ते सिल पर परत निसान।। (meaning and story here)

Hurdles : The basic and only hurdle I suppose is your intelligent mind. It will say, it’s so easy, it won’t help. Try for a week or two and then say. Or, it will become over smart and calculative and say, “Why only 1, let me take up 10 qualities at once.” If you take up 10 at once, you will end up developing none. One or two at a time. Your mind won’t stop here, it will say, “But I don’t have time, there’s so much of urgent important work.” You have to ignore, your mind or this post. Choice is yours.

My Experiences and Suggestions : I don’t know how and when did I learn this. But it has helped me a lot. Here are some seeds for you. If you find one useful, pick it and sow it in your consciousness. Nourish it with mindfulness and constant practice. If your practice is intense and concentration one-pointed, it will soon turn into a plant and then tree which thrives on its own. These are from different sources, some are combined essence of two different sources :

  1. Patience : Last year, I realized I was very impatient. So, for a few days I kept repeating “धैर्य, patience” all day and I really developed much patience. Repeat in language which is close to your heart.
  2. Alert, Aware, Mindful : This I repeated after reading Million Thoughts. I also repeated a Hindi phrase, “सरल, सहज, सुबोध”.
  3. I accept myself, I forgive myself, I love myself unconditionally : This I repeated and still repeat to learn self love and care. Little careless towards myself. I learnt its importance last year from someone’s discourse.
  4. समत्वं योगुच्यते : Equanimity is Yog. This is a gem from Gita. It has given me multiple levels of meaning. And yes, don’t repeat Sanskrit version if you don’t understand it word by word.
  5. Stay even, this too shall pass/No matter what, don’t get shaken : From different sources, but mean same. This too is a great one to keep yourself situated in yourself.
  6. The Universe is within me : I have already written a post on this.
  7. Intense but not tense, Relax but not lax : This one is the balance in meditation. Some of you might even know the source.
  8. ना सम्मान का मोह, ना अपमान का भय : “Neither the desire of respect, nor the fear of disrespect.” A lot of detachment in it. Still learning. If you don’t know its source, listen to this here.
  9. निर्मल मन, निश्चल मन, शुद्ध भावना : “Pure mind, calm mind, pure intent.” It has really helped me to purify myself.
  10. My ability to respond is limitless, I am responsible : This is a recent one. This means taking full control of your life, remembering that your choices shape your life. Helpful for making mindful choices.
  11. 4 Pillars of Siddhis : All of you know these. “Truthfulness, Serene mind, Food as Yagya, Seeing divine in others.” Repeat 1 or all at a time till it goes deep. 

If you could find anything useful, take it and practice for a few days. Within a few days, you will develop that and then you can move on to some other. As you contemplate on any one of these or some other, you may even get an unexpected insight, a shift in perspective. That will be some true wisdom acquired from 1st hand experience which will remain with you forever. Give your best till it becomes second nature to you. 

Even if none of the above suits you, you can make a simple habit. Swami ji writes a post once in two weeks. Whatever is your takeaway, practice it sincerely for two weeks till the next post. 

I hope it was worth your time and will help you in really applying and benefitting from what you read here. 

So, are you going to apply this post or procrastinate, time is passing, choice is yours …