Soil in Turmoil

Soil is dying, Earth is crying.
Save soil, it’s in turmoil.
Organic content soil is losing,
A global threat is what it is posing.

Satiating their insatiable greeds,
Humans forget nature’s needs.
Outcome of men’s actions monstrous,
Diverse are the effects disastrous.

Chemicals used in farming recklessly,
Kill the microbes in soil profusely.
The ones who make dead soil alive,
Are now victims of men’s malice.

When precious soil desertifies,
Everyone has to pay the price.
Food and water when on earth go scarce,
Do you think we will live on Mars?

When we face a world food crisis,
An upsurge is seen in world food prices,
Around the globe will be civil strifes,
How on earth will humanity thrive?

Let us respond to the awakening call,
Our duty as earth’s child let us recall,
Basis of our existence is soil,
So let’s save soil, from the turmoil.

-21 March,2022


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