I decided this some 2-3 months ago. I knew I would stop writing posts and interacting from July. Unlike my previous Navratri Sankalpa, which was for just 9 days, I won’t be interacting for next few months. So I thought to inform you all beforehand. From last few days, I had been preparing for this and tried to post any pending posts which were on my mind. Further, let’s take a look at some incidents :

  • 20th June, Sunday : Listened to Rudra Namakam after some long time.ย 
  • 21st June, Monday : Saw myself worshipping a Shivlinga in dream with white flowers. You know what it means for me.
  • 23rd June, Wednesday : All these days, I was preparing to embark on a journey and interestingly Medha ji’s newsletter’s theme was ‘Journey’.ย  By afternoon, I received a beautiful blessing of my Guru and Ishta, Shiva, in some form. It was totally unexpected, I had no idea or clue. Also, a few things became clear by evening.ย 
  • 24th June, Thursday : By Grace of Divine Mother, I got some more guidance, some things to focus on, some hopes. I also watched Swami’s video in which he said, “Millions of people die everyday without any growth, don’t be one of them … do something worthwhile.”
  • 27th June, Sunday : I sat to meditate in morning but dozed off after some time. I saw a Yogi in my dream stressing on importance of something which was in my plan. He is one the persons who have guided me a lot. The dream was totally unexpected.

Besides, nature has shown me a path and some people have inspired and motivated a lot in the past few weeks. So, I am all set for a new journey, I don’t know where will I head, but it’s inner calling. If Mother Nature has given some opportunities, why refrain from attempting due to fear of failure. After all, it’s better to fail after attempting than not even attempting. I want to put my 100% potential. I won’t regret that I didn’t try what I could have tried.

When I was in 10th, I thought that one day I would make a blog on some blogging site and share knowledge. Later, I gave up that desire. But see the play of nature, somehow I finally wrote posts. I started writing after 11th March and this is my 59th post. It was more than a dream come true for me. I have come across so many amazing people here. I am grateful to have met *(Your Name)*. The list will become very long if I mention all individual names๐Ÿ˜…. Thank you everyone for giving me so much love and motivating me to write. I also express my gratitude to Om Swami and the complete os.me Support team for making this place kindest corner on internet. This is the only form of social networking site where I have interacted so much. I learned a lot here, for example the phrase”bid adieu”, I didn’t knew it before ๐Ÿ˜…. I once created an account on Physics Stack Exchange, when physics was my passion. But one day, I deleted it, because I wanted to remain detached.

I will be replying to comments on this post. But I will return after some months and you will have to again listen to my blabbering ๐Ÿ˜„! Till then, take care.

Love you all โค๏ธ! Great Thanks ๐Ÿ™ for such great 3.5 months โ˜บ๏ธ!