It was on my mind to write this from a long time, Jayashree ji’s post on Bharat gave me inspiration to finally write this and so here I am finally presenting this after a lot of procrastination.

Strange title right? If you are a science student you may know about String Theory and if you are in the spiritual discipline, you may now about Shiva and Shakti tattwa. I am referring to the formless Shiva tattwa and Shakti tattwa. But even if you don’t know anything, don’t worry I will be writing in a layman’s language. No intent to make it dry and boring.

String Theory : String theory is one of evolving theories in theoritical physics and one of the contestants of TOE- Theory of Everything. TOE is an attempt to design a theory that can explain complete existence in one go. There are different types of String theories proposed by different physicist about which I don’t know in detail, I just know basic idea. You may have heard that matter is made up of small atoms which are made up of protons, electrons and neutrons. But there is more to it, protons and neutrons are further made of particles known as quarks, electrons belong to a class of particles ‘leptons’.

Now, the basic idea of string theory is that everything, all particles of any type (including quarks, leptons, force carriers, etc), are made up of “Strings” which continuously vibrate at a particular rate, a particular intensity and in particular state/alignment (frequency, amplitude and phase). Different parameters give rise to different particles. So, string theory means everything is just vibration in empty space. Everything around you is vibrating, there is no difference. It has not been proved but it has neither been disproved. And there are many theories which were earlier strange but were later proved. Enough of physics for today, this is not a physics class, right?

Shiva and Shakti tattwa : I am referring to the formless aspect of Shiva and Shakti. Philosophy divides the existence in 36 tattwas, starting with Shiva tattwa. Before creation, there was nothing, just void, perfect union of Shiva and Shakti. Shakti was dormant in Shiva. That perfect, formless, empty void is called Shiva tattwa or Nirguna, Nirakaar Parabrahman. “परमात्मा प्रधनात्मा प्रधान पुरुष शिवः” – Shiv Sahasranama. Then from Shiva, Shakti separates in the form of first vibration. From Shakti, all other tattwas and universe is created, so she is  Universal Mother, Jagadamba. Shiva and Shakti are two basic principles of this universe. If Shiva is passive, Shakti is active. All forms of energy is Shakti. The universe is manifestation of Shakti. Now if you look from this point of view, existence is just a combination of vibrating active Shakti in static unchanging Shiva, which is the central idea of string theory. All said, the separateness of Shiva and Shakti is also illusory – “शिव-शक्त्यैक्य-रूपिणी” – She is of form of oneness of Shiva and Shakti (Lalita Sahasranama). Such is the mystery of universe.

I seek forgiveness of Supreme, if I wrote anything wrong due to my ignorance.

P.s. – Thanks for reading this blabbering. I am not sure if any of this made sense to you or went as a bouncer. Feel free to correct me if you find something inappropriate.