I often use a word, “inner voice” while writing. You must have also heard terms such as, “inner voice”, “inner guide”, “intuition”, etc. This is not some imaginary concept, it is something very tangible.

I have seen, many people pass through a phase of intense day in and day out chanting of some particular mantra. I myself once passed through this. When one passes through such intense phase, during those moments of one-pointed concentration, when mind silences to some extent, deeper layers of mind are pierced and one’s contact is established with the inner voice, inner guide, whatever you call. When the energy of mantra is imbibed, a voice starts forming which actually starts guiding you. That’s the way one develops a connection with a deity. Similar happens in true devotion. Even if you don’t go the way of chanting or devotion and go the way of meditation, slowly you develop an intuitive awareness, a gut feeling.

But there is an insecure voice too. Let’s take a look at the two.

Intuition :

Over time, my intuition has strengthened a lot. I know people for whom I felt a subtle feeling of closeness and later I discovered a close bond with them. Sometimes my intuition points out incidents which are about to happen. In October 2021, it whispered I was about to get dengue and I actually got dengue that week. A day before yesterday, even before the game of Ludo with my sister and mother began, it told me who will be the winner. These are a few of many other amazing incidents which keep happening now and then. One of the greatest benefits of this intuition is that it has helped me in choosing right people. I once happened to watch a video of a so called guru, I felt agitated and didn’t watch more, only to realize later that he was a conman. Once, I didn’t want to read a particular person but my intuition wanted me to read him and he became one of my greatest guides. Please note that intuition is different from judging. When you judge, you are comparing what is visible in front of your eyes but intuition takes into account even what is hidden.

When you move according to your intuition, things may sometimes go wrong but in the end, it will fall in right place. The inner voice is soft and sweet. I will like to mention a name from Lalita Sahasranama here :


She who has voice sweeter than the notes produced by Kachhapi (Devi Saraswati’s Veena).

I got a few thoughts on this. Since Kachhapi is Devi Saraswati’s Veena, it represents Knowledge. Devi’s voice, which is the inner voice, is sweeter than Kachhapi, which means that the inner voice transcends knowledge. It is something higher and sweeter than ordinary logical knowledge. It captures what your ordinary intellect can’t capture.

When you follow your intuition, it feels like whole universe is moving with you. It is like flowing with a river. It helps you see through the adversities and keeps you grounded. It is loving, compassionate and makes you feel loved. You don’t feel lonely. It is like light which pulls you out from darkness. It helps you evolve and discover new possibilities. Intuition is nothing but being attuned with nature, the universal consciousness, with Divinity or God, whichever term you prefer.

The migratory birds, migrating across continents, have very precise navigating skills. Isn’t this an example of intuitive awareness?

Insecurity of Heart :

I once heard a story from one of my masters. There was a man who was traveling at night. His car broke on the way at a lonely rural place. At some distance there was a cottage. A very noble and pious soul lived there. The man started walking towards the cottage to ask for help. As he knocked on the door, his heart started it pound. He became anxious. “These rural people, they are not good, they are not trustworthy. What if he robs me or kills me? There is no one around to help.” Just then, the resident of the cottage, opened the door to welcome his guest. But the man, who had come to ask for help, ran away out of his insecurity, cursing the resident.

This is an example of how insecurity can deteriorate the quality of your life. People who have some emotionally bitter past experiences tend to be more insecure at heart. This insecurity of heart is accompanied with overthinking and useless random thoughts. If on one hand intuition opens you, than on the other hand, insecurity closes you. It stops your growth and binds you in ignorance. Insecurity harms you in two ways – Firstly, it prevents you from discovering new possibilities and secondly, it starts a chain of negative thought process and then law of attraction starts working in negative way. When you always feel insecure and think negatively as an outcome of that insecurity, you start attracting negative circumstances. This is a universal law which is true for anyone. Moreover, it ruins your ability to focus on what’s there in your hand. An insecure person starts feeling as if the whole universe is against him/her. The effect of insecurity is such that the most divine and pious person may be standing in front of you, but you won’t allow him to help you, you will see him as hideous beast. Insecurity prevents you from seeing the truth and enjoying the beauty of life.

So try to be mindful. If you feel your heart is clouded with insecurity, you need to address it, heal it, so that you can develop a better intuitive awareness and a better bond with the universal consciousness. This will add a beautiful quality to your life.

May Divine voice always guide you.