Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that those who have conquered the mind are their own best friends and those who have not are their own worst enemies.

After being forced to ponder over my life so far, I have finally realized what I am up against. It’s not the other people or adverse situations that pull me down but my actual battle is with the ever-present yet the most evasive foe that resides within: I, me, myself.

I had naively hoped that such a realization itself should elevate my consciousness to the next level. However, after much struggle, I realize that this awareness, though a good sign, is just a small step in the long and arduous trek to self-realization.

Despite great and (mostly) not so great efforts made by me, tendencies and impulses get better of me. Just when I think I have taken one step ahead on the spiritual journey, my ego forces me to falter and take two steps back. 

Being mindful, compassionate and selfless is not always easy and sometimes even painful. This world is truly an ocean of afflictions and the journey to go beyond our conditioning and limitations is certainly a Herculean task.

And yet the greatest struggles bring out the best in us. That’s what should keep us going. Ultimately, everyone is on the same journey though we may be at different phases in it. Temptations to stray from our chosen path may be too compelling but we must pause, reflect and then act.

While I am still combating my own animosity, I feel truly blessed are those who can befriend themselves and can truly surrender to His will.

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