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What Amy’s Death Taught Me.

every significant event teaches you something about life

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Did Pandavas Really Not Go to Heaven?

what makes you a good person

  Posted in 9mo ago

All Work is Noble; the Only Ignoble Thing...

All work is noble. But, do you really believe it?

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The Good Days and the Not-So-Good Days

How can we control negative emotions

  Posted in 1 year ago

Faith Versus Rationality

Which one is more important to you?

Compassionate but Not Meek

Never stop being compassionate to living beings around you

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The Wealth of Good Counsel

Want to genuinely make a difference in a person's life: don't shy away from...

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Why Was Gandhari Mentioned in Kali Sahasranama?

Perhaps, individual parts that make up the whole are as important as the whole...

  Posted 2y ago

I Love Mythology

turn to mythology for priceless wisdom

  Posted 2y ago

Are You Recycling Enough?

Are you recycling enough?

  Posted 2y ago

When Nature Taught Me a Lesson

Learning to accept your karma, especially bad karma can be very difficult for all...