Recently, I accidentally clicked on an interview of an Auschwitz survivor. It reminded me of how cruel we humans can be. From my experience in life, I feel that each one of us has an inherent nature. Some people feel no remorse or grief in torturing others. In fact, they enjoy every bit of it. Thankfully, we also have people who are full of kindness and or at least they have some degree of compassion.

In the grand scheme of things in the Universe, does our individual pain and sufferings matter? What happens to these persecutors? These questions have bothered me a lot. Many of us are carrying around the baggage of painful memories. Somewhere deep in our hearts is the desire that those who have abused us should be brought to justice. Unfortunately, not every crime against us can be brought or proved in the court of law created by humans. In my case, I have left it to Shri Hari to deal with these people. This has given me solace.

You might be wondering why did I not forgive them? I have just embarked on my spiritual journey. I don’t yet understand what forgiveness entails. But, a voice inside me tells me that tolerating injustice quietly is as bad as being unjust and cruel to others. Staying quiet will only embolden the evil-doers. What I am talking about is protesting against the act not necessarily conniving up a plan to teach the prosecutors a lesson or hurt them. If your inherent nature is on the kinder side, you will feel sorrow even when the tormentors suffer.

I pray to Shri Hari that if there is one emotion that I could choose to be my defining character, let that be compassion. I should be compassionate towards all living beings. It is easier said than done. It involves having control over both thought and action. Recently, I had to suffer a small financial loss because of another person. While I did not say anything hurtful to that person, I was surprised at how the incident stayed on my mind and bothered me the whole day. I guess that I have a long way to go even on the path of compassion.

Ram Siya Ram, Siya Ram Jai Jai Ram—the words instantly calm me and fill me up with a feeling of bliss. Among other qualities, Shri Ram was and continues to be ever compassionate. I hope that one day I can qualify to be His devoted servant.